International Perspectives in Participatory Research:

Meaghan Noad poses with old growth cedarA collaborative course jointly offered by UVic (through Continuing Studies in Education in conjunction with the CACE programme) and the Society for Participatory Research in Asia (PRIA).

Instructors: Catherine Etmanski (UVic) and Madkakini Pant (PRIA).

Launched: Sept 29, 2005A range of audio and video files have been created to support the “International Perspectives in Participatory Research” course being jointly offered by the University of Victoria (UVic) and the Participatory Research in Asia (PRIA) to be launched in two cities (New Delhi and Victoria) on September 29, 2005. These AV supports back up a course outline, textbook and readings and web-board communications.  The Instructors for the course are: Catherine Etmanski (UVic) and Madkakini Pant (PRIA).  This is being offered through Continuing Studies in Education in conjunction with the CACE programme at UVic.

Examples in the collage are drawn from Kelly Bannister’s Clayoquot Sound field course taught through Environmental Studies (which is an activity of the CURA-sponsored Clayoquot Alliance for Research, Education and Training, CLARET), the work of Ted Riecken and colleagues with Aboriginal Youth in Victoria and the SSHRC originated work of Jo Anne Lee with racially minoritized girls in Victoria.

Media: The audio and video files (as well as a photo) for Example 1 (ES 481A: Community-based Research in Clayoquot Sound, B.C.) are online at:

The streaming video is accessible here using Windows Media Player, and can also be found at:

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