Student Works:

Student works found on this website are meant as a way to “give back” some of what students learned in the course through sharing with others. Please respect the spirit and intent of these efforts and authors’ copyright to their works.


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  • Jessica Slattery >>
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  • Jonna Winger >>
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ES 481A Essay Collection. PDF version


Papers & Projects:

Alison Garnett

Alyssum Rita

  • A Critique of My Involvement with CBR [unavailable].
  • Weirs. PDF version
  • My Journey to Understanding Community Based Research [unavailable].
Ariel Hunt-
  • Appreciating the Complexity and Seeing the Connections: Reflections on Community-Based-Research and Clayoquot Sound [in progress].
Heidi Postnikoff
  • Coming Full Circle: Applying a Nuu-chah Nulth Worldview in Community-based Research. PDF version
  • Concepts of Community Based Research: Dissecting the Big Picture [included in essay collection].
JaeWoo In
  • Proposal for an alternative Korean science curriculum built on community-based research and education. PDF version
  • Challenges for a foreign student in taking ES 481A [in progress].
Jessica Slattery
  • Lessons for Community-based Research from the Corporate Appropriation of an Aboriginal World View. PDF version
Julia Black
  • How Can The Boat Basin Foundation Proceed with Tourism Operations in a Manner that is Inclusive to the Hesquiaht Community and Sensitive to Their Needs? PDF version
  • The most critical part of CBR? LISTENING! [included in essay collection]
Jonna Winger
Marin Ripsam
  • Mapping Hesquiaht Harbor Fish Weir Stakes with Use of GIS: The Role of the University Researcher in Community Based Projects. PDF version
  • Understanding Imbedded Complexities in Community Based Research: Experiences from the Clayoquot Sound [included in essay collection].
Meaghan Noad
Megan Thom
  • Connections, Challenges, and Clayoquot Sound: Community-Based Research in an Indigenous Context. PDF version
  • “Researching Ourselves Back to Life:” The Possibilities and Challenges of Community-Based Research in an Indigenous Context [included in essay collection].
Naomi Devine
  • Clayoquot Sound: Understanding the Politics of Research in the Community. PDF version
  • Expect the Unexpected: A Journey into Clayoquot Sound [inlcuded in essay collection].
Rae Nicole St. Arnault
  • Paper in progress.
Raechel Gulka
  • Barriers to Effective Participation in Community Land Use Planning and Solutions in Community-based Research. PDF version
Ryan Karkhairan
  • A Definitive Approach to the Concept of Communities: Identifying Issues for Community-Based Research in the Clayoquot Sound Region. PDF version
  • Interfor Feedback. PDF version
  • Where Does It Fit In? Reflections on Community Based Research in Clayoquot Sound [included in essay collection].
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