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Publications & Reports
Date Author(s) Title Publication
2004 Maggie Zhang A North American Biosphere Reserves Network: Background and Prospects (822 kB PDF) Management Report, School of Public Administration, University of Victoria
  Janet Dunnett University and Community Linkages at the University Of Victoria: Towards a New Agenda for Community Based Research (1.3 MB PDF) Management Report, School of Public Administration, University of Victoria
2002 Rod Dobell Devolution and Discretion: Building Community-Based Resource Management into Contemporary Governance (49 kB PDF) New Players, Partners and Processes: A Public Sector without Boundaries? John Langford and Meredith Edwards (eds). Canberra: National Institute for Governance.
2001 Rod Dobell, Martin Bunton Sound Governance: The Recent Emergence of New Networks and Collaborative Institutions in the Clayoquot Sound Region (709 kB PDF) Monograph commissioned by the National Round Table on Environment and Economy for the Policy Research Secretariat, for a series of workshops on Adaptive and Community-Based Management.
2001 Carina Diller Evaluation Considerations for the Pilot Aquatic Management Board: A Learning Approach (558 kB PDF) Management Report, School of Public Administration, University of Victoria
Clayoquot Alliance Working Paper Series
Date Author(s) Title
December 2004 Martin Bunton Natural resource management and property rights: getting the institutions right. Drawing on illustrations in the Clayoquot Biosphere Reserve region. (426 kB PDF)
October 2002 Nandita Patel Postmodern Interpretations of the Policy Cycle (513 kB PDF)
June 2002 Mark Kepkay Implementing Adaptive Forest Management: The Challenge of a Wicked Human Environment (656 kB PDF)
May 2002 Stuart Lee Hybrids: A Literature Review and Analysis of the Clayoquot Sound Scientific Panel Report (907 kB PDF)
January 2002 Sean LeRoy Civil society as planner: Environmental non-governmental organisations facilitating change in coastal British Columbia (660 kB PDF)
Coop Student Reports
Term Student Title Program
Summer 2003 Gypsy Wilson

Comparing the criteria and indicators of sustainability used by the FSC, ISO, CSA, and SFI Forest Certification Systems (247 kB PDF)

Department of Geography, University of Victoria
Spring 2003 Mark Kepkay Work Report (169 kB PDF) School of Resource and Environmental Management, Simon Fraser University
  Maggie Zhang My Co-op (work term summary) (45 kB PDF) School of Public Administration, University of Victoria
Summer 2002 Gypsy Wilson The Iisaak Sustainable Forestry Project: A partnership between Iisaak Forest Resources Ltd. and the Clayoquot Biosphere Trust (150 kB PDF) Department of Geography, University of Victoria
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