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Clayoquot Symposium 2003: Citizen Science and Community Health

Tofino, British Columbia, November 25-28, 2003

Proceedings from Clayoquot Symposium 2003
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Ucluelet Wild Side Trail
Pre-Symposium Community Meetings
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You are invited to participate in the Clayoquot Symposium 2003: Citizen Science and Community Health, at the Tin Wis Resort in Tofino, British Columbia from November 25-28, 2003.

The general theme of the conference is health across the water, which will be explored through four days of discussions between community members and invited guests. The main activities of the conference will be informal panel presentations and large group discussions. There will be a specific focus for each day:

Day (Full Schedule ») Focus Background Materials
Tuesday, Nov. 25
Schedule »
Community Health Information Resources »
Community Meeting Summaries » 
(490 kB PDF)
Wednesday, Nov. 26
Schedule »
Understanding and Managing the Impacts of Tourism Information Resources »
Community Meeting Summaries » 
(490 kB PDF)
Thursday, Nov. 27
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Coastal Zone Planning Information Resources »
Integrated Coastal Zone Planning »
Community Meeting Summaries »
 (490 kB PDF)
Friday, Nov. 28
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West Coast Vancouver Island Aquatic Management Board Conference


Clayoquot Biosphere Trust
Vancouver Foundation
Vancouver Foundation
West Coast Learning Network
West Coast Vancouver Island Aquatic Management Board
Westcoast Women's Resources Society

The Clayoquot Symposium 2003 is organized by the Clayoquot Alliance for Research, Education and Training, a partnership between the Clayoquot Biosphere Trust and the University of Victoria.

Functioning under the UNESCO mandate, the vision of the Biosphere Reserve is to help communities live sustainably in healthy ecosystems. The top priority of the Clayoquot Biosphere Trust is to facilitate dialogue in local communities regarding the nature and the development of the communities. Through such dialogue, we aim to increase local capacity for conservation and sustainable resource management. The focus of the Clayoquot Symposium 2003 on questions of community health will help to move dialogue forward and identify new ways for Clayoquot Biosphere Trust to fulfill its ongoing mandate.

For further information, please call our conference coordinator, Maggie Zhang, at 250-726-7291, e-mail rongz@uvic.ca.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Financial or in-kind support for the conference has been provided by the Clayoquot Biosphere Trust, Vancouver Foundation, West Coast Learning Network, West Coast Vancouver Island Aquatic Management Board, and Westcoast Women's Resources Society.

The Clayoquot Alliance would also like to acknowledge the volunteers who have made this Symposium possible:

Jan Bate

Ruby Berry

Greg Blanchette

Nadine Crookes

Stephen Charleson

Darcy Dobell

Norma Dryden

Danielle Edwards

Roman Frank

Brenda Kuecks

Adrienne Mason

Sharmalene Mendis

Bill Morrison

Margaret Morrison

Linda Myres

Josie Osborne

Craig Paskin

Lorraine Pickett

Jen Pukonen

Warren Rudd

Anne Stewart

Arlene Suski

Gerry Schreiber

Gary Shaw

Mackenzie Sillam

Gypsy Wilson

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